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Our Story

Founding Club Members

It started way back in 1897 when Elizabeth Urquhart brought together a small group of like-minded women who took turns hosting regular meetings in their Los Gatos homes to share information.  Topics of discussion started out history-related--both ancient and modern. 


And the History Club of Los Gatos was born.

More women joined the group and discussion topics became more wide-ranging--literature, civics, current events, travel, the arts and music, to name a few.

early club meeting.jpg

Early meetings were held in members' homes.


Founder:  Elizabeth Urquhart

other founding members.jpg

Founding Members:  (from left to right) Emily Cohen, Mary Gilbert, Elizabeth Smith, Rose Roberts, Louise Mason. 

We met the challenges and carried on...

The History Club has seen some interesting times:  the invention of the motor car, electricity, telephone, and the internet; women’s suffrage, world wars, economic recessions, the Great depression; natural disasters and on. Faced with an ever-changing world, the History Club continued to fulfill the legacy of our founding members through the decades.  Much has changed since the founding members first came together but we are ever mindful of our roots, the legacy of the women before us.  What has not changed is this--we still come together with a shared vision of commitment to community outreach and continue to go out in friendship to make a difference.  We join with each other to meet today's challenges, committed to investing our expertise and resources in order to further achieve our cause. 

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